Pastaso Coffee

Pastaso Coffee


Medium/dark roasted Central & South American as well as Ethiopia beans.
Roast 4, Strength 4.5


Roast 4, Strength 4.5

A blend of medium/dark roasted beans developed from a range of Central & South American as well as Ethiopia beans to create that special taste for the person who enjoys a slightly stronger coffee. It has a light caramel taste with a hint of sweetness and a soft taste on the palette. It is well suited for Lattes, Cappuccinos, Espresso, Americano, filter and in a plunger. This is a coffee for the coffee connoisseur who enjoys that extra-special taste.

Recommended Brewing Method:
Filter / Pour-over / Perculator
Moka Pot / Manual Espresso Machine
Plunger / French Press 

Recommended Coffee Types:
Flat White

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