Medium roasted single origin Tanzania AA beans
Roast 3.2, Strength 3.5


Roast 3.2, Strength 3.5
Medium roasted single-origin Tanzania AA beans are used. This single Origin bean with its normal high citric acidity because of the soil and height is a well-balanced bean in the special way it’s been roasted. It has a soft citric acidity taste complimented by the tastes and smell of lemongrass, berries and stone fruit. It leaves a wonderful citric aftertaste in the mouth that lingers joyfully while you await your next cup. It is especially great in any milk type drink as it softens the acidic taste but enhances all the other beautiful aromas.

Recommended Brewing Method:
Filter / Pour-over / Perculator
Moka Pot / Manual Espresso Machine
Plunger / French Press 

Recommended Coffee Types:
Flat White

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